Misconception: Fraternities are often cited as a way to "buy your friends". 

- You are not buying friends when you join a fraternity. The money that you pay through your active dues is used throughout the semester to pay for things such as house events, trips, socials, intramurals, etc. All of these events are things that the chapter, and potentially you, agree upon and wish to participate in. Basically, it is a way for you and all your friends to pool your money and participate in events that would never be possible if you did not work together. Everyone is free to make friends outside the fraternity and to keep old friends. A fraternity is a great way to create strong brotherhood between members and for you to become more involved in your campus and community. If you are looking for an excellent experience, Sigma Nu is a great place to start. A price comparison is listed below.

Cost of living on campus:

  • $1500 - 1900 housing cost + $1890 meal plan per semester  

  • Total = $3390 - 3790



Cost of living off campus

  •  $1700 - 2500 per semester + food expenses

  • Total = $1700 - 2500



Cost of Sigma Nu

  • $1250 housing cost (varies slightly) per semester + $500 for dues per semester + other food expenses

    • Includes four meals per week
    • Includes all events, socials, intramurals, etc.
  • Total = $1750