Since 1962, the Eta Theta chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity has worked to better the Fargo-Moorhead community.


Our Mission

To develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth.

To foster the personal growth of each man's mind, heart, and character.

To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity.


Our strategic plan

Leadership in action

Sigma Nu transforms society through the commitment of its members to the Fraternity’s founding principles, leadership and ethical living.


Sigma Nu’s organizational structures and internal operations provide for the effective deployment of resources to deliver an unmatched level of service to its constituents.


Sigma Nu is continually increasing its membership and capabilities as it creates and capitalizes on new markets and opportunities that support the Fraternity’s mission.

Membership value

Sigma Nu enhances the experience of its members and builds a sense of community in a way that generates a desire to invest time, talent and treasure in the development of both the organization and its future members which is recognized by all as a contribution to the greater good.

What We've Achieved

  • Raised money for St. Jude's with the Sigma Nu Pumpkin Patch philanthropy event
  • Raised money for Homeward Animal Shelter with the Bark in the Park philanthropy event
  • Performed over 250 hours of community service within the Fargo-Moorhead area
  • Partnered with Special Olympics at NDSU for sporting events